Object number 1990-51-99
artist Daido Moriyama, Japanese born in 1938
a new way of seeing
The invisible one
A shadow in the light
of an 1982-84 subway ride
Man with a hat and rain coat
Tailored, refined, traveling down a rail
Face invisible
accented by
a sprinkle of the
sun’s rays
He remains invisible
like a palette of color before
painting the medium on an easel


Romantic romance-made of 100% beef
It’s all in the hat, how they swing the rope you see
Some ride horses,
others-pluck a guitar,
many lasso,
a few are known for prodding cattle…
also know the sound “he-haw…”, “gitty up…”, “whoa…”, “ooh
doggies…”, “ride’em cowboy…” often spoken like a champ!
Generally, each are physically… well fit!
Do you know a
Cowboy? Let’s compare! It’s more than just the jeans/genes…
Some can do Jack Daniels and live in saloons.
Some drive cars instead of horses… it’s an attitude!
It’s in looking at them from the back: “O’ La! La!
It’s in the Heart, a lifestyle: how they earn
their buckles… their Yes Ma’ams: politeness, outer image, rough
and tough to say the least. Of course some know 60+ dance
steps: some can dance the night away, many can do the Texas Two-Step
Some ride with or without saddles;
You say? Line dance!
How many do you know? It’s in the strength of their legs…
The kerchief, handkerchief, morale upstanding… Proper with style….
The Texas two step---and other’s the way they tilt their Hat.
If you know a Cowboy you just may agree:
They can be the most Royal Man
A star in Chivalry!

Cowboys, O! Cowboys…
Real Cowboys versus Pseudo… Please.
You are ‘cream of the crop’
Please! Oh… cowboy “tush-push” my Soul
It’s all in the Boots…
Pick partner and Let ‘em lead…
Listen to the Calls and let’s rock ‘n’ roll.
Watch ‘em sashay… Cow Girls: Let’s go!

Carin Spotted Eagle

CARIN SPOTTED EAGLE THE OLDEST BUTTERFLY (CREEK NATION) spends time in Indian and First Nations Reservations. Carin Spotted Eagle began writing poetry in 1989 and has accumulated 797 typed poems. She has written a series of eight children’s stories and four additional manuscripts. She writes for several blogs and has produced Mr. Jolly & His Posse in the Last DNA.