As I sit in this strange place, I’m reminded of what it use to be.
I remember the fan fair of the new UNB (United National Bank).
I came in to bank and I smiled, Black Capitalism had arrived in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. I’m from Motown, and we get down.

I even came to do a meet and greet, as they were trying to wet their feet, to increase their community involvement. At one time, I may have tried to touch base with the CEO. Oh yes! I’m bold, in that way. If you want to get something done, start at the top. Why let a subordinate stop you in your flow. Anybody can say NO, but only the top can say, GO!

I listened to the Major (Major Jackson) and I was a Captain (US Army). As a military veteran writing is what we do. Mail call was an important part of each day.

To get letters, meant you wrote letters, that’s something you had to do. It was a sign that you had family or someone who cared enough to write from back home.

You never wanted a “Dear John Letter” because that meant that Jodie had you girl, and she was gone. We sang about it daily, on our little four mile run.

Writing is even more important when you are a long way from home. Even farther with you travel on silver wings to where people speak foreign languages.

I recently wrote a letter to my youngest son; I went back to when I was a son. Vietnam was going on, but I was sent to Germany. You don’t have to be in the war to be in harms way. There is the heat of battle and the cold war of danger.

I’m not a poet, but sometimes you wouldn’t know it. I don’t rap and I can barely sing, but when I get to writing, I do my thing.
I am the Duke of Earl, and I’m still looking for my girl, so I can still give her, my final twirl.

In the words of Major Jackson— “I have not disappeared. The boulevard is full of my steps.” I would like to add that “Motown is where I’m bound”.


I like April because
it’s the month I was born
Flowers bloom, and I swoon



I write whatever I think
because I am a chosen vessel.

I write how I feel whether imaginary or real
because I am hopeful.

I write to make it right when it’s really wrong
because I like unity.

I write to protect the weak from the strong
because I love to help people.

I write past the mental blocks
because I am running out of time.

I write until it’s time to stop
because the world has changed so much.

I write times four so I can be done
and because the world is in trouble.

Earl Hackett

EARL HACKETT is a writer, blogger, author, and entrepreneur born in Detroit MI. He came to Philly to attend Drexel after serving time in the Air Force. Graduated and commissioned in the Army, he is now retired but writing. The Writers Room makes him look at things a little more poetically.