My heart goes out to the one that lost me to this cruel world.
My condolences.

I feel for the ones that got lost in me and are now stuck in a sunken place within me. Forgive me.

Forgive me, if you ever felt you took a loss with me. My apologies.
My apologies for your misconceptions of me.

I’m sorry you missed the goddess in me, because I flaunt this crown so gracefully.

I’m sorry you missed the light in me, because this little light of mine shines so radiantly.

My apologies to you if you forgot how strong I rise like the sun, beaming harshly into those weary eyes.

Day to day, night after night, I carry the burden of forgiving you.
So eager to feed you everything, I leave myself nothing,

See, I’m a holy and caring women. I know what it’s like to give life to a being, holding them down with no man around.

It humbles you. Slow to anger.

I’ve practiced how to hold my tongue long enough to let the burning flame of my quick tongue find serenity while my mind seeks tranquility in the chaos my heart has caused.

I’m frightened to say good-bye, afraid you were under the impression I was made to please you, and only you, but I was under the impression you understood me better.

I guess not.

The truth is, I’m a superwoman, wonder woman. Sometimes I’m an angry woman, even a crazy woman. But today, I’m feeling like a lazy woman.

Still waiting, still loving harder than the day before, even while my heart aches.

Still trusting, still believing I am worth more.

Still waiting to be the beautiful tragedy

...I’m ready to be the beautiful tragedy.

Still searching for someone to love me better.

I think I found him...


Inspired by Reyna Biddy and Life


We are all Queens
Red Queen, Blue Queen, Purple Queen
Pink. “What color Queen am I” you ask
I am a Blue Queen, cool as the ocean water.
Beautiful as the sky above. I am a Red Queen, Like
The Fire that Flows through my veins
I am a Purple Queen, filled with royalty and elegance
I am Pink, loving unconditionally and as
Nurturing as a flower to a bee. I am a
Green Queen, fresh and durable as
The greenest grass.
I am a White Queen with a soul
Filled with purity, innocence and simplicity
Red Queen, Blue Queen, Green Queen, Yellow—
No. I am a Black Queen
Sophisticated, filled with elegance and grace
A black queen with the strength of 10 stallions
A black queen who stands for what’s right
A black queen who shall mother a civilization
And teach them to never compromise what’s in their hearts.
A Black Queen, A Black Queen
What color are you?

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EBONY DRUMMOND was born and raised in West Philadelphia. Mother of one son, Ethan Ford, whom she loves and cherishes unconditionally, she works as a public safety officer at Drexel University. She loves to read and write whatever is on her mind. Favorite quote: “Chin up or the crown slips.”