The giver of Life too
Miracles, abundance of vitamins
human/animal’s lover
Sun, I love you


Scents of fresh cut grass
Green healthy, thic
k, full of perennial life
Lying down, embracing the grass


Because I like to think about so many words
Because they are a representation and my interpretation of who I am
Because of the dictionary and the thesaurus making me increase my vocabulary
Because the words develop into my most intimate mental processes
Because I see the sky as grey minus its brightly shiny star
Because at night I still can go into deep delta sleep and dream about who I am
And to be quite candid, who am I “me” just a peaceful soul--Ashe!


Wearing a life jacket sitting beside others that want to be part of kissing a whale, we don’t mind being cramped tightly together on the rear end of the rowboat attached to the large ferry. We are drifting on the tides, which are low. We smell the salt in the deep blue waters of the ocean. We have been waiting for the whales to surface since dawn and now its morning and the sun is shining brightly in the blue sky. The clouds have separated to allow the sun to come out as the dimness of the dawn slowly disappears… It is the perfect Spring day for this whale kissing outing. Warm and crisp breezes of air. It’s gotta be about 65 degrees out here in the middle of the ocean.

I’m glad that my brother Eric came along with me because he too always wanted to kiss a whale. I am sitting on this rowboat beside my brother, drifting on the gentle tides of the ocean waters, waiting patiently. Looking in front of me I don’t believe it I see a mother whale and her calf… Eric tells me, “You have your chance. Take it.” I kiss the mother whale and her calf. Eric is smiling at me and giving me a thumbs up. Behind me, I see a multitude of whales coming toward the rowboat we’re in. The ocean water is beneath us. We are grateful because it keeps us floating. We are just drifting… looking up, I smile at the brightness of the sun.

Johngeline Ferguson

JOHNGELINE FERGUSON is a community gardener and fiber and abstract artist. Her pastimes are reading, listening to music, and playing the guitar and drums. She
lives in Philadelphia with her cat, Bones.