I am an artist
I don’t remember my past
I know it was hell
Young, gifted and black
At the age of 26
Of course I’m a male
A want to travel
A successful businessman
No lazy slacker
I’m a good writer
It’s hard to find the right words
I’m a slow reader
I’m not a poet
I do enjoy poetry
I’m smart and funny
I’m not a people person
I am a people pleaser.
*Mic Drop*


I am a bald eagle
Ben Franklin hated the bald eagle
And even called it lousy
But I consider myself bold
I am tough and caring at
The same time
If you mess with one of my chicks
I’ll peck your f***ing eyes out


Jilisa is a trout
She likes to escape
She’s often absentminded
And carefree but also dedicated
To staying on task. No matter
How far away she is, she always
Finds her way back to the other
Schools of fish


Brad is superman
The S on Superman’s chest
Means hope, that’s what he
Does he gives people hope.
Hope for more morals in our
Community, hope for everyone
To be an artist and hope for
Philadelphia as a force to be
Reckoned with.


Mom is a sloth
She hangs from a tree
She’s stronger and weaker
At the same time, she
Has short-term memory
Loss when it comes to
Remembering. But after
She rests she regains


Dad is a fox
He’s clever but very strict
A little intimidating at times
But he comes through for his
Family, also a cannibal to other
Animals but most likely clever
He has issues with being hunted
By humans, over all he is alright
And a fierce warrior in the wild.


My Grandma and Grandpa are
The sun and moon
The sun shines bright and the
Moon just sits there.
Sun is hot, moon is cool
I never met them or barely
Knew them but they’re always
In the sky and I can see them shinning and glistening.


It’s a small diner, only a few people are there. Some people are eating, other people are doing other things while they eat. The booths are empty and some are full one woman is just sitting there, either she’s full or there’s something on her mind, but more importantly mostly all the plates are cleaned off but what’s not finished is her coffee. The woman looks sad and also terrified, maybe she’s had a rough day or someone she cared about really let her down. Everyone else is chatting and being happy while she’s staring out the window into the abyss in silence.


  1. I rode the subway to city hall to protest against the police who became murderers of innocent black people. Me and mom went to support the
    lives who died in 2014.
  2. I rode on the Megabus to Hershey, Pennsylvania for 3 days in the Hershey lodge and Hershey Chocolate World and we rode the bus back. It
    was cool and it was so sweet.
  3. I went by foot to the Fresh Grocer at 40th Street. That’s always a journey and I never get tired at all.
  4. I went in my Dad’s car to visit my sister in Pittsburgh who just started college. It was everything I thought it would be and it was her birthday at the time.
  5. I went on a plane to visit my father in Kansas City and Iowa. Me and my sister used to do that. I thought it was cool. We don’t do that anymore.


One time when we drove to Pittsburgh, I took my phone, my iPod, my bag and also my jacket in case it got cold. I didn’t leave anything behind because I took everything. As we arrived at Carnegie Mellon, I realized the entire campus is named after Andrew Carnegie, the teams mascot is a scotty dog and everything is covered in plaid, which is red, green, yellow and blue. Also there is a museum all about Andy Warhol, I didn’t see it but I would guess that it has some of his work. They have computers everywhere and it has an enormous library filled with books. The students have time for work and much time for play, my sister is living the dream, I never went to college but if I did, I’d never leave.


I remember St. Joe’s University and Bala Cynwyd Library
I remember Blockbuster, Dunkin Donuts, Rite Aid, KFC and McDonald’s
I remember Sunoco, Olive Garden, Acme, Wells Fargo and Chili’s
I remember Target, T.G.I. Fridays, the Marriot and Houlihan’s.


I remember Penn Wynne Library, Taco Bell, Eye Encounters, CVS
I remember TJ Maxx, Baskin Robins and Rita’s water ice
I remember Kohl’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, AMC Theatre
I remember Boscov’s, JC Penny and Ruby Tuesdays


I remember Borders, Old Navy and Superfresh
I remember Five Below, Rite Aid and Panera Bread
I remember McDonald’s, Rite Aid, Blockbuster and Baskin Robbins
I remember Ardmore Library, Barnes & Nobles and Ludington Library


I remember Save-A-Lot, Hess Express
I remember Checkers and Forman Mills
I remember Cobbs Creek Children’s Hospital
I remember a mural of a giant green-eyed monster


The CVS Pharmacy is my left foot
The Eye Encounters is my right foot
The Library is my left hand
The Taco Bell is my right hand
The Rite Aid is my right eye
The Panera Bread is my left eye
The Blockbuster is my right ear
The Baskin Robins is my left ear
The Borders is my left arm
The Barnes and Noble is my right arm
The Boscov’s is my left leg
The JC Penny is my right leg
The Super Fresh is my nose
The Ruby Tuesdays is my mouth
The Rita’s water ice is my skin
The AMC theatre is my mind


Today this is what I’m doing here at the Dornsife, writing about mothers and motherhood, and it is the late afternoon. It is just now beginning to feel like spring, but there is no light at the end of this tunnel, the sun has died and descended into heaven. It was sunny this morning but now it’s windy for some reason, the only thing I smell is grass. I’m writing nonstop about my thoughts and feelings, everyone next to me is writing too, they are people I’ve just met but don’t really know. The reason I’m here is because of my mom, she takes classes and I do my best to play along, the only song I heard today was John Coltrane, although I don’t see how it was supposed to help the situation. I see trees with pink flowers, the wall, more people, less people and the floor. I’ve noticed the point of this assignment is to remember how much stuff you did with your mom and I have done plenty with mine.]


New York City
A spring day in the afternoon
The sun shines on the windowsill
It is mostly sunny but mostly cloudy too
I’m with just a few people that I’ve just gotten to know
Walking around the streets of New York
Looking for ideas for what I might draw or paint next
The air smells nice, otherwise it smells like feet to me
The sound of cop cars
Tall building, big lights, the entire city


JORDAN MCCULLOUGH was born in Washington, DC and has lived in Philadelphia for two decades. He is a graduate of Philadelphia Academy Charter High School and the Mural Arts Philadelphia Art Education Program. He is an avid movie fan who enjoys drawing and writing every day. Frequently he sits in on workshops and Writers Room events, lending his unique voice. Creativity is key to his world.