As we were traveling to our destination for the day, we passed by an open door of a theater. So my friend and I walked over to peek in, they were trying out stage set (scenery) for their play, so we watched. The first set was full of brightness, joy and fun with a sense of serenity. The next scenery seem to have an uncertainty about it, it was waves of mountains and valleys, light and dark, with different roads you could follow which causes some scary elements of the unknowing.

And my friend and I stayed to watch them set up one more scenery, this one started out casually slow, yet confident in the direction they was going. They set up a couple of trees, one a little sparsely in that it was not yet develop, and another one that looked more developed, different kinds of flowers, sunshine, and a park bench for someone to stop an collect themselves. It was a beautiful sight.

Then Suddenly a Loud Thunderous Noise and the sound of rain that not only scare us, but made us very curious to what was happening next. Then there was spirals of colors moving like a whirlwind, some bright colors, some not so bright, some even dark and they had the tendency to interact with one another, and when you would hear the sound of the wind they would separate. One of the spirals of color (Not So bright), would start to move so fast and would spiral up like fireworks and then a very loud burst of color would start to twinkling down like stars covering the stage; then the next spiral of color (Dark), then the next (Bright). When the storm was over the stage would go completely black… Slowly the sun would start to lighten the stage, until you could see the park. I notice the tree that seemed more developed looked disheveled, split in half because it didn’t have much flexibility, but the tree that was a little sparsely, was standing strong, because it was flexible enough to bend and recover…

It was then I realized I was watching my life, as it played out before me. The First Scenery was from my early years, My Childhood of 5yrs of age until, The Second Scenery, My Preteens & Teen years. And the state of being uncertain, doubtful, and hesitant with limited knowledge. And the Last one covered being a Young Women to Womanhood. Showing the world winds of life’s changes. I left that day feeling a sense of Gratefulness to God for all he brought me through and for making me flexible enough to Bend and Snap back in place, a better place then I started out in.

P.S. Life can throw you a bunch of lemons, “But God” will help you to make Lemonade…


Time is a Funny Thing
One minute you have it, the next you don’t
You can’t stop it you can’t change it you can’t slow it down.

Time is Nurturing
That wound is going to take time to heal. Time helps you to get over the loss of a loved one. Time nurtures a young girl as she starts to develop. It takes time to heal a broken heart and a broken relationship

Time is fast, and sometimes, time is slow.
When you are having fun, times move quickly. But when you are at work, time just creeps along.
There are times you have to wait for time, other times you have to catch up with time.
Have you ever tried to race time? You’ll find you can’t beat time, that’s when I cheat and I pray and ask God to either slow down time, so I can make an appointment, or speed me up.

Time Rules
If I’m not on that corner at a certain time, I’ll miss the bus. And my employer said I have one more time to be late, and I’ll be looking for a new job. I had a Doctor’s Appointment at 9 o’clock, but I was too late and had to reschedule.

Time is a Necessary thing
It takes time to bake a cake, time to clean a house, was clothes, etc. There is a time to start something, and a time to stop. I remember a time I questioned God on his timing, and his response: “I Am Time”

Ecclesiastes 3:1
“To every thing there is a season and a Time to every purpose under the heavens”
Time is every where, time is is every thing

Oops my time is up!


People you haven’t seen in a while, act as if they have been looking for you but____. I
haven’t move moved, I didn’t leave the city, and sometime I don’t even leave the porch, I___have
“to go on Facebook,” or skype___ so they say, So other will know where to find me I’m___Not
interested in these corrupt engines of communication, for people to know I haven’t ___disappeared

The day started out very dreary, with rain drops pounding the pavement until___The
afternoon sun came out with a vengeance, shinning so bright on the___Boulevard
that people started pouring out of building like ants spilling out of an ant hill___Is
a bit overwhelming to see, in the afternoon on the streets of Philadelphia ___full
with so many people and it wasn’t, a parade or a championship win___Of
famous athlete’s or stars performing, yet in the excitement of the day___My
heart was filled with the joy of the Lord, knowing he leads me, and guides my___steps

“The steps of a good man, are ordered by the Lord” which is a part of his Heavenly___language
that help remove the messes in our lives, which delivers us from the___grave
clothes that kept us wrapped up in pain, misery, and hurt that made us stagnant and my__yesterdays
are no longer a part of me, and I am free to make a decision, and I will not---wear
the grave clothes from my past, I’ve been made a new creature in Christ, so the
person__ they would be looking for no longer exist, she was erased, by his Word,
The Word of God has renewed my mind, encourages my heart and His peace has
lifted my head which becomes, the light on my__ face
which brings light everywhere I go, and it’s an eternal light that will never___disappear
no matter what comes my way, He has thought me to be a base and how to abound in___all
things so I don’t live my life wallowing in self pity, nor laying down my life in a ___coffin

Written by the hand and help of my creator / and me, Roz



Clouds changing like cotton candy
in a cotton candy machine, and this
a bird singing
and flowers begin to bloom
before the season, out of season.
We’re all out of season, sometimes.
Clouds flowing throughout the heavens. . .
The sound flowing out of a sense of completion
and also of being in the middle.
A place of completion half full and half empty
a place to move forward or go back.
Can we move forward?
It’s humid in February.



I write whatever I think
because I am a chosen vessel.
I write how I feel whether imaginary or real
because I am hopeful.
I write to make it right when it’s really wrong
because I like unity.
I write to protect the weak from the strong
because I love to help people.
I write past the mental blocks
because I am running out of time.
I write until it’s time to stop
because the world has changed so much.
I write times four so I can be done
and because the world is in trouble.


Dear Zora,

Up until now I never heard of you, I didn’t know who you were or what you did. I’d never read any of your books, seen any of your pictures, or watched the movie Their Eyes Were Watching God. Even though I don’t know how that got past me, because I am a big fan of God. Then you became the NEA Big Read Festival of 2016. Compliments to Drexel Dornsife and the Writers Room.

The Festival started out with a Big Bang. There was a keynote speaker about you and your most acclaimed book Their Eyes Were Watching God. Immediately after the speaker Dr Cheryl A. Wall, there was a Drumline Performance that led us out of the Auditorium and onto the streets (those who could follow) and paraded through the streets to Drexel’s Dornsife where there was an Awesome group called “Darla” who was already performing on the campus ground. And to hear the collaboration between the Two was AMAZING!!! And we celebrated with others from the Neighborhood, with food and drink. It was a Great Welcoming Party and Fellowship.

Then we met on Campus. You were wearing a Black Coat with a Big Fur Collar, a Cutie Hat, and when I looked into your face between your Big Smile and your eyes, I could see a Mischievous Child, who liked to cause trouble in a playful way. It was nice to make your acquaintance. We were also given the Book to read Their Eyes Were Watching God and an Event Calendar of all the times and places you would be. And I only missed one (Poetry Slam). We celebrated You. We celebrated your life and your artistic contributions by way of “The Museum of Art,” where we saw many more Pictures of you and met some of your associates. We also met at The Free Library where they did an African American Diaspora, with Dr. Andrea Abrams, Dr. A Yemisi Jimoh, and Prof. Ed Pavlic. I heard stories about you, read your book, and the discussed your Life and work from People Who Admire You and Respect Your Work.

Thanks to “Writers Room” and “Drexel Dornsife” we have become more than Acquaintances. I found a Fellow Colleague and Friend.



Sitting alone in my room on a Sunday morning watching television.
The Ministers first, the gardening shows and designer make over, then colors.
After I turned the television off, things got very quiet and still.
I began to think and thinking leads to feeling. Then it dawned
On me, I had nowhere to go and nothing to do.
Then the irony hit me, I have two sons by birth, and
Three girls I raised as my own, 16 grandchildren and four great
Grands, and yet I sit, I live and I’m always home alone.
Except for my relationship with a very close friend who said that
He would not ever leave me, nor would he ever forsake me.
He is my Lord and savior who passionately loves me to life.



Trembling in fear of the unknown
Peeking around trees for safe passage
Not knowing which way to go
I started crying, running and screaming
Fearful because of the many sighting
I saw her hiding over there!
No! She’s near the corner store!
Look Out! Run! Hear she comes
She seems like she was omnipresent
Appearing everywhere at the same time.

Rosalyn Cliett

ROSALYN CLIETT is a native resident of Philadelphia who loves to write and do anything creative. “I came to Dornsife to use the computers at KEYSPOT. Writers Room and the side-by-side course Philadelphia Stories are not only exciting, they are stretching me—and both are essential to my destiny.”