WRIT 301: Poetry of Place

Kirsten Kaschock will be running a side-by-side community based learning poetry course in Spring 2017, WRIT 301: Poetry of Place.

In this class we will read and write poetry as a way of examining and connecting to the world arounds. We will explore forms ranging from the standard blues lyric to the sonnet to the prose poem. Poet Major Jackson will be visiting our class during the semester, and we will be reading from his newest collection Roll Deep. Major Jackson will not only lead one of our classes, but will also meet with interested students while he is here. In addition, we will discuss how poetry has served society as both a release valve and a call to action and resistance. Our end of term project will reflect this discussion.

The course will meet Wednesdays at the Dornsife Center from 5:00-7:50 PM.